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Kevin Baum, Global OKRs Coach

OKRs, Strategy Execution, KPIs & Health Metrics

Now more than ever before, organizations need to be clear on why they exist, for whom, in order to achieve what outcomes... with result metrics to track these important objectives.   Remember, if you can't measure a thing, you can't manage it.

That's Kevin's Purpose Cause and Passion - helping organizations get focused, aligned and engaged to make transformational change through OKRs

As a Global OKRs Coach with, Kevin Baum is dedicated to helping organizations large and small achieve optimal performance through the implementation of leading strategy execution frameworks, including Objectives & Key Results (OKRs), the Balanced Scorecard and the Entrepreneurial Operating System. 

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OKR Services

Our Manifesto:

You do not have to labor through an expensive, time consuming, resource intensive strategic planning process in order to create laser focus on what matters most, align your teams to a common purpose, drive engagement throughout the enterprise, and propel your organization to the next level.  Anybody that tells you differently is trying to sell you something.


Objectives & Key Results (OKRs)

The next revolution in strategy execution is here, and it's called Objectives & Key Results, or OKRs. Popularized by the best selling books Measure What Matters, by John Doerr, and Objectives & Key Results by Paul Niven, the OKR framework is built for fast-paced organizations that compete in a dynamic marketplace. The OKRs framework distills the strategy execution process down to a simple formula - what must you accomplish in order to achieve your strategy, and how do you know if you've arrived?  Hence, Objectives and Key Results. Find out why leading multinational corporations such as Google and Intel are using this framework, and how you can implement OKRs in your organization.

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The Internet has created an entire new ecosystem of small to medium-sized businesses that just 10 years ago could not have existed.  Capitalizing on the amazing electronic capabilities of the modern age, these businesses operate in a completely virtual environment with zero brick and mortar.  On-Site OKRs Coaching for these businesses is not feasible, and yet they still wish to capitalize on the powerful benefits of OKR. Indeed, they demand it! Not to worry, as Global OKR Coach with, Kevin Baum is rapidly becoming a leader in remote OKRs Consulting and has crafted a unique and powerful remote scope of work called the OKR Quick Launch.  The OKR Quick Launch is a fast track approach to OKRs that gets you up and running quickly, with minimal initial investment.   

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OKRs Champion Certification Training

For the OKR framework to succeed, your organization will need an internal champion and knowledge expert to guide and synchronize the effort, inspire and motivate your employees, push the effort forward, and collaborate with the C-level suite on progress.  It is crucial that your OKRs Champion receive the best OKRs Certification training available.  Kevin Baum, Global OKRs Coach, has partnered with best selling OKRs author Paul Niven and founder of to provide a two day, comprehensive certification program for your internal OKRs champion. Kick start your OKR effort, train key employees and build internal capacity of your OKR implementation through this world class certification program.  Visit our website at for upcoming certification programs and curricula.

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Speaking, Training, Workshops

inCentergy founder and OKRs Consultant Kevin Baum is an extremely popular motivational and educational speaker, trainer and workshop leader.  Kevin has given literally thousands of talks around the world on a range of topics including strategy execution, performance management, leadership, conflict management and group dynamics.  Some of Kevin's titles include:

  • OKRs Diagnostics - Getting Meaning from your Measurements

  • Luck is a Choice, Finding Your Voice Through Failure

  • Circle the Wagons or Circle Like Sharks, Understanding Conflict in Organizational Life

  • The Good, Bad & Ugly, Real World Case Studies in Performance Management

  • The 6 Fatal Mistakes in Performance Management

  • There's No Such Thing As a Good Leader


About Kevin Baum, Global OKR Coach

Government Executive, Corporate Executive, Consultant & Coach

Author and OKRs Consultant Kevin Baum is a strategy execution and performance management master.  Kevin's passion is to help organizations large and small get laser-focused on why they exist, for whom, in order to achieve what results...and how to measure, monitor and improve those results. Kevin is widely recognized as an industry leader in the development of results metrics for services and programs that are difficult to evaluate statistically, and his efforts in performance management as both practitioner and consultant have been published in journals around the world.  

Kevin's unique value proposition is that he has actually practiced the tools and disciplines he teaches - on the streets, in the real world as both government and corporate executive.  Kevin knows that consultant speak and jargon are about as useful to the busy executive as a paper airplane in a rainstorm.   

Since 2003 Kevin has worked with hundreds of organizations across the world as a strategy execution and performance management coach. As an independent consultant and an agent of, Kevin's clients span the spectrum from major government organizations and corporations, to start-ups and more, included Facebook, Charles Schwab, Exxon Mobil, Alaska Airlines, Fuelcell Energy, Tata Elxsi, NASA, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and hundreds more. Today Kevin specializes in remote OKR Coaching for organizations that are eager to enjoy the benefit of OKR, but not prepared to spend enormous sums in consulting fees to get support. 


Some of the Global Brands OKRs Coach Kevin Baum Worked with in 2021

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Kevin's Book

Lessons From The Line, Why Every Leader Should Be a Firefighter For a Day

Kevin's clients frequently ask him how a former fire chief became a strategy execution coach with hundreds of clients around the world.  Kevin's answer is always the same - read my book.  Kevin's career in the fire service taught him that strategic excellence is more a product of collective action than it is individual leadership, and that true performance improvement is as much about failure as it is success.  These experiences and more are examined in Lessons From The Line, and have informed Kevin's consulting practice over the years.  For more information on Lessons, see  


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